jansen team real estate web page

In a market crowded with big name/big budget real estate companies, Jansen Team Real Estate needed to stand out and be "found" by buyers and sellers of residential homes. We created a very active site that is constantly redrawn with new content every few seconds.

Vital has used rich image descriptions and alt tag techniques to enhance the SEO so that when a new property hits the market, it is instantly loaded onto the site where it can be found by active buyers and prospective sellers.

The site automatically generates thousands of new, unique property pages which are conveniently arranged by city and price, which are kept on the always growing, browser searchable database.

  • This site varies from 60,000 pages plus.
  • Large preview images linking to streamlined property pages

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  • Copy that highlights the significant features
  • Uncluttered elegant design
  • Easy to navigate image sets
angelus web page

Angelus needed to make a bigger impact as they expanded into new market segments. We created a website that features large quality images of their completed projects, organized by project type. Existing clients are thrilled that their project is displayed in a high quality fashion and are exposed to other areas where Angelus has expertise. New companies looking for waterproofing services may only reach out once in a decade or more, so current staff may not have any knowledge of the firms, process, and products needed to complete the task. As they search the web for answers, Vital has filled their site with quality information, so that Angelus will become one of their best sources.

  • Major focus on unique, quality information.
  • Large images arranged by market segment.

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  • Detailed descriptions of completed projects.
  • All copy and most images created by Vital.
pentad web page

The industrial design field is extremely competitive with most companies focused on highly creative design. Pentad's expertise is engineering based, so the site was developed to showcase their various engineering abilities. Vital has loaded their website with technical information, keywords, and processes in order for large manufacturing firms to find solutions to their specific requirements for device design and engineering.

  • Simple design that focuses on technology.
  • Examples of completed projects arranged by segment.

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  • Establishes their position as a technical expert.
  • Designed for smaller screens and laptops.
IF Tennis Academy web page

IF Tennis Academy is a new company and needed to make an instant impact in order to reach recreational players and high schoolers preparing for varsity competition.

Vital included images of women, men, and teenagers along with detailed programs and clinic schedules to make it easy for players to find and enrol in lessons.

  • Underslab Waterproofing with WR Grace Preprufe 300 R - 60,000 SF
  • Below Grade Insulation with Insulfoam R-Tech

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  • Below Grade Waterproofing at library with Cetco CoreFlex - 12,000 SF
  • Underslab vapor barrier at library with WR Grace Florprufe 120 - 10,000 SF
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